Patronage Club

It's not buying, it's being part of the process


The LEA Patronage Club is an opportunity to get introduced into the creative process of artists and learn first-hand about the true meaning of art and collecting. At LEA we accompany and guide you in this process whether you are a company, a foundation or a person curious about art and culture. Your support strengthens the links between art and society, enriching the plastic languages while making them permeable to the general public.


Our goal is to make art accessible to everyone, and Micro-patronage is the perfect option for people who want to know, share and collect contemporary art by the hand of one of our artists. The price of micro-patronage is 450€+21%VAT per year. Its members will receive a LEA patron certificate, an art work produced by their sponsored artist and the annual catalog. They will also have access to the activities of the patronage club and to meetings with the resident artists.


For private entities and companies, LEA has created a special sponsorship system for the space and its activities, which provides excellent benefits for both the patron and the artist. The basic sponsorship for companies is 1500€+21%VAT per year. It includes a sponsored scholarship for an artist with brand naming and diffusion in networks + brand logo in all the informative supports: home page of the website and LEA catalog, which will be distributed in galleries and art spaces.

If you are interested in becoming a patron write to us, we invite you to LEA to get to know the space, the club and the work of our artists.