Experimental Curatorial Program

Reflection on what to show and how to show it

Gallery assignment
Meetings and reflection
Calle Lucano 67, Madrid

We believe it is vital to support contemporary thought by helping thinkers to materialize their proposals or to create a forum to evaluate them in dialogue with other opinions and perspectives. At LEA we show this commitment by lending our gallery to exhibition projects curated from an approach of change or doubt in the face of what is currently established. Proposals will be evaluated according to the soundness of their reflections. Proposals that not only raise questions but also promote new environments and formats for displaying, disseminating or cataloguing will be highly valued. The selected projects will be exhibited for 5 days, between which there will be an opening and a reflection meeting. All the documentation resulting from the project will be permanently displayed on our website in the Experimental Curatorial Program section. The call for proposals will be open indefinitely. The exhibition of selected projects will be assigned according to the LEA calendar. The proposal must include the following information:

- Full details of the applicant

- Conceptual trigger

- Presentation of the idea

- Description of the proposal

- Technical data and set-up requirements

- Bio of artists if any

- Bio of the applicant