Facilities and features
LEA is a space of 200sqm dedicated to creation and interaction. We offer professional facilities, specialized tools and a full program of activities in a large community oriented to artists, galleries, curators and patrons.
- Labs and FULL TIME area
The laboratories are the space where resident artists create their work. In the laboratories all the space and tools are shared, so the resident artists will be able to move around the laboratory according to their needs at all times. The artist who is enjoying a artist residency FULL TIME will also have their own area in the laboratory (not shared) of about 10sqm, where they can expand and store their work until the end of their residency.
The laboratories have a total area of 110sqm for a maximum of 10 artists, natural overhead and diffuse light (does not generate shadows or reflections), a height of 6 meters, a large sink to wash brushes, bathrooms with a shower , storage area for each resident artist, lockers. The available facilities also include the following furniture and tools:
Large 150x150 tables with smooth surface
Easels of different heights
Simple trestle tables, chairs and stools adjustable in height
Continuous paper dispenser with guillotine
Carpenter benches with screw
Telescopic Disc Miter Saw
Bench grinder with two discs
Iron table and inverter welder
Ribbon Iron Cutting Machine
Industrial vacuum cleaner
Mechanical hand tools such as radials and jigsaws
Small tools such as pliers, screwdrivers, hammers, meters, files, rasps...

- Exhibition room
LEA´s exhibition room is a beautiful rectangular space with 3.4m high white walls, a polished concrete floor and a glass front with natural light. Includes Wi-Fi, two adjustable lighting circuits (monorail spotlights and neutral led tube), hangers around the perimeter and a ceiling projector with 3 meters of 16: 9 projection width and connection via HDMI from table, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. In this space, the resident artist will be able to test his exhibition montages before presenting them to a gallery or take photographs of his pieces in a professional setting. In addition, there will be two annual group exhibitions of the works created by the artists during their residency.
- Library
One of the most pampered areas of LEA is the library, with contemporary art books divided into: photography, video art and digital art, painting, drawing and engraving, sculpture, performance and installation. And each of these is also classified into monographs, group catalogs, essays, artist's books or others. The library is nourished by donations from museums, foundations and private contributions who support this archive of knowledge. It is especially valuable for resident artists who can use it as a source of inspiration and reference.
- Living / Meeting Room
Adjacent to the showroom there is an industrial style living room with raw concrete pillars, walls and floors. This space is designed for social life among resident artists or between them and patrons, gallery owners, curators... In short, itis a cozy space to chat, read or take a break from work. It also has a kitchenette with a fridge, coffee maker and microwaves.

LEA is adapted for people with reduced mobility.

Duration and price
The artist residency FULL TIME lasts three months. You can choose between: January-March, April-June, July-September or October-December (any option can be chosen and there is no deadline for the application). The space will be available to the artist from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Once the residency is over, a new artist residency FULL TIME or an artist residency in the shared area can be requested. The full quarter is priced at €1,350+21% VAT. Payment will be made prior to the start of the artist residency. In addition, each resident artist must pay a deposit of €300, which will be returned at the end of the artist residency FULL TIME. If the artist need it we could help to get a scholarship from the embassy of the artist's country in Spain to cover the cost of the artist residency FULL TIME.
Selection process
Artists who want to be part of the LEA resident artist community must submit an application with a dossier of past and present works in order to be selected. This request must contain:
Artist information: name and surname, artist name if any, place of birth, place of residence, ID or residence card, telephone, email, website if available and Instagram if available.
Brief cover letter and motivation.
Images of works made with explanation if needed.
Description, with or without sketches, of ideas to be carried out in the space.

All this information must appear, clearly and in the order specified here, in a single PDF file and sent to the LEA email indicated below.

At the beginning of the residency, the artist will be given a document to sign with rights, duties and rules of conduct to guarantee good coexistence among all resident artists, and the safety and health conditions that must be met in the space.
LEA Catalogue
LEA is much more than a place to work, it is an international community of high-level visual artists, which presents itself to galleries, curators, patrons or companies interested in artists from various disciplines. With this aim, LEA publishes an annual cataloguethat compiles the work of all resident artists, and distributes it to galleries and art centres.
Continuing the LEA's work for the interaction and consolidation of links and networks, wehave created a complete program of activities exclusively for resident artists. It goes from recreational activities to bond between artists, to talks with personalities from the world of culture, portfolio samples to professionals, meetings with patrons or follow-up meetings and brainstorming to improve the space.
Solo exhibition
At the end of the residency period there will be an individual exhibition with the works of the project executed by the artist in the three months of residency.